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Links to other sites
In certain sections, the Derco Immo site contains hyperlinks to content originating from third parties or to websites that are managed by third parties. We are not responsible for the quality and accuracy of the content of these websites. We may also not be regarded as an authority that approves, publishes or sanctions the content of these websites, or the websites in general. The persons responsible for the management of such websites shall accordingly be the only parties who may be held responsible with regard to compliance with the legislation and regulations in association with the products and services they offer for sale on their website, more specifically with regard to consumer protection, distance-selling, legislation in connection with prices, etc.

Confidentiality of the information on the Derco Immo site
In our real estate sections, we do everything possible to provide reliable and regularly updated information about real estate. However, Derco Immo cannot be held responsible for any errors in the information. We therefore strongly recommend that you yourself check the accuracy of the information and the availability of the property by contacting us before making any decision (purchase, rent, etc.) regarding the property. We accordingly also recommend that you consult reliable professional advisers (estate agents, experts, architects, lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax specialists, etc.) before making a decision in connection with any aspect of your real estate.

Availability of the Derco Immo site
Although we shall endeavour to maintain the availability of the Derco Immo site seven days a week and 24 hours a day, we reserve the right to interrupt access to the site for technical or other reasons at all times and without giving prior notice. We also reserve the right to terminate our services. We cannot be held responsible for such interruptions and the possible consequences thereof for you or third parties.

Denial of access to the site
We reserve the right unilaterally to deny access to all or part of the site to any physical person or legal entity:

  • who contravenes these terms of use
  • who in any way harms the good reputation of the site
  • who infringes the intellectual rights of third parties
  • who uses the site for unlawful purposes
We also reserve the right to take legal action against such persons or entities.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
Belgian law applies to any dispute arising from the use of the DERCO Immo site. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court of the judicial district of Leuven, with Dutch as the official language only.

The content of this site can in no way be regarded as an offer for sale or rental that, upon acceptance, could bind the seller or lessor. The written agreement of the owner (seller or lessor) is always expressly required for this. A proposal or offer by e-mail to purchase or rent the properties published on the site is not accepted in any case: only a document signed by the prospective buyer or prospective tenant is sent to the owner. It is then up to the owner to decide what action to take.

“DERCO Immo” is not a company, but a trade name used by Christiaan De Ronne, Bergenstraat 72 in 3053 Haasrode with company number BE 0838.491.853, recognized member of the IPI under number 202.930.

Mentioned clauses under "terms of use", "privacy statement" and all other information on this website: in case of deviation / (possible) difference in interpretation, only the Dutch text is valid.